CBD Dosing is complicated due to the nature of the industry and lack of labeling standards existing in the CBD market.  This CBD dosage calculator provides dosing for anyone who wants to start CBD.  Calculate the CBD dosage for an ADHD child, CBD dosing for an ADHD adult, CBD dosing for Autism, or for anyone who has never used CBD and wants to start.  We have made it easier than ever to start using CBD, utilizing our Super Easy CBD Calculator.

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Complimentary Options for Managing ADHD

CBD works best when combined with a whole body approach.  It is not a miracle cure and in most cases will take the edge off symptoms, creating a positive environment to initiate effective complimentary daily programs to further improve and bring balance in your home.


Essential Oils are a great compliment to CBD.  By combining the beneficial effects of CBD with the topical application or diffusion of essential oils, it becomes a win/win.  Read our article about the best essential oils for managing ADHD HERE.


Terpenes are another effective alternative to expand the benefits of CBD.  Click HERE to learn how to add terpenes to CBD and improve your daily CBD regimen.


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(See Instructions below)




If Sublingual (under the tongue) we recommend everyone starts at 2mg to slowly activate the endocannabinoid system.

If Ingested (in food or drink) we recommend everyone starts at 4-5mg to slowly activate the endocannabinoid system.




Enter The Total MGS and Total ML in the spaces below.

example: 240, 500, 725, 1000, 1500

example: input 5 if 5ml, input 15 if 15ml, etc


We recommend starting low at 2mg per day for sublingual dosing in order to activate the endocannabinoid system. Estimate based on 1ml=20 drops.

We recommend starting low at 4-5mg per day for ingested dosing in order to activate the endocannabinoid system. Estimate based on 1ml=20 drops.


We recommend everyone starts at 2mg per day if taking a sublingual dose and 4-5 mg per day if ingesting CBD (gummies or adding to any food or drink), however you can always start lower.

You can increase the milligrams (mg) whenever you feel comfortable doing so but look for these side effects from taking too much, too quick.  If you experience these,  just back off the amount the next day.

NOTE:   CBD is biphasic which means it can have opposite effects at high and low doses.  It is recommended to start low, but if after 1-2 weeks and increased hyperactivity and/or aggression (more stimulated) is apparent and not reducing, then a high dose (25-50 mg) may be necessary for your individual needs.  *based on feedback in our FB group, Individuals with autism are known to need much higher doses.*

  • Headaches
  • Increased hyperactivity
  • Moody or irritable
  • aggression or agitated
  • highly emotional
  • stomach aches if taken on full stomach


Step 1 – Enter the amount of total milligrams (mg) on the bottle.  Typically, it will be 240, 500, 725, 900,  1000, or 1500.  This is the total amount of cannabinoid extract in the bottle. 

Step 2 – Enter the amount of fluid in milliliters (ml).  

Step 3 – The number of drops calculated, reflect approximately 2mg.  This dose is a per day dose.  The number of drops (If more than 1), can be split into micro doses and be given in the morning and evening, morning-mid day-evening, all in one dose, or any combination you choose.  It depends on which is most convenient and effective.  Stay at 2 mg for at least 4 days before increasing.

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